What are you thoughts on Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s work? I’ll be honest. I thought her work was wrong. I did not believe that racism was simply about white genetic survival, but seeing how white supremacists think and what they say. It’s not simply about power for them. These psychos truly think they are “pure” and that there is such a thing as “white genetics”.

Dr. Welsing presents some very interesting theories, and provides some substantial supports for her theories in the Isis Paper; but ultimately they are theories, and open to debate and dissection.

What’s not debatable, but  fully confirmed facts are they System and Institutions of White Domination and their Omnicidal impacts on the world.

So, if White Domination and Hyper Aggression is the result of a subliminal fear of genetic annihilation, or simply about “power to them,” or “pure…White genetics;” or if there is some other motivation we haven’t discovered yet; we know we gotta opposed White Aggression, we have to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination. 

My main issue with Dr. Welsing and her mentor Fuller is that they have established the practice of referring to White Aggressors as “Supremacist,” and to White Domination as “Supremacy;” there’s nothing supreme about genocide, ecocide, domination, and theft, any lowly brute can achieve those ends.  Civilization, Humanity, and Justice are Supreme.

I do appreciate Dr. Welsing’s contribution to my understanding of the world, the motivations of our oppressors, and her suggestions on what should be done.  I’m not a strict adherent to “The Code,” but no one can deny the insights therein. 

I’m glad you have given her ideas consideration, but have drawn your own conclusions, that’s the sign of a true intellect.  We should continue to study and debate the fundamental drives and motivations of Whites, at the same time we organize to counter them.  The struggle is ideological, intellectual, and philosophical as it is political, economic, and physical.  It’s all important.