Maaaaan… why do so many of our kinfolk support the NOI or take seriously anything that clown Farrakhan got to say? Do our kinfolk study history? Do they realize the NOI was traitorous from the start? That fraud I mean “Fard Muhammad” was a white man and that wasn’t even his real name? that Elijah Muhammad was a pimp. and pedophile? That Farrakhan is CIA and ordered the hit on Malcom? Why come black folk won’t simply ignore and abandon these agents, traitors and liars?

I’m assuming that most of your questions are rhetorical, and I don’t agree with all of your assertions disused as questions, but I do agree with some.

Tell you what, since you naming names, repost this question in a non-Anon post and I wall speak to all of your points in detail. Deal?

As many issues as I have with the NOI, and religions groups in general, I don’t think it’s cool to push forth such accusations without stamping your name on them.  I don’t make anonymous accusations or criticisms, so I will not answer them either. 

Put some Respek on your own name, come outta Anon, and let’s have a public and open discussion. 

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