How can africa have a strong Military ?

Great question.

A strong military rest on the discipline and dedication of the fighters; disciplined and dedicated fighters are not forged by the military, they are forged by the society, they are forged in the womb, in their homes, in the community, in the culture.

We used to cultivate warriors in African, not simply train soldiers.  Now the we train soldiers, instead of cultivating warriors; African fighters are a threat to the African people, they are a threat to social and political stability.

When a people are rooted in their culture, when their is a shared World View, a common Social Theory, and Unified Vision; then the people will build a strong military, strong governments, strong schools, strong families, etc.  If they don’t they they will have dysfunction and chaos in all institutions, including the military.

African armies function the same as they  did under colonization; they serve the same purpose, to support the corrupt institutions; the institutions that govern African are the same ones that the colonist set up, they serve the same purposes; to subjugate the masses and facilitate the extraction of Africa’s wealth.  Nothing has fundamentally changed in Africa except the color of the parasites raping the land and the people.  African parasites replaced White parasites; but the mission is the same.

So you can’t even call the armies in Africa African Armies, they are Colonial Armies, even though that have Black soldiers and commanders.

We must dismantle the colonial institutions, all of them, dissolve the colonial borders, purge colonial ideas and protocols, and extinguish colonial gods and religions.  Then we can begin to actually rebuild or reassert African Institutions, then we can have a Pan-African Military that defends Africa instead of these puppet armies and forces that do the bidding of the former colonial masters.

Africa can only have a strong Military if Africa is united and free. 

Until Africa and the African Diaspora are liberated, we can’t field armies, you need to control the apparatus of the State to construct and field an army, if you create an army but you don’t have full control of the State, if you create an army and you are a neocolonial State, then that army will be corrupted and used against you.  Look at Lumumba, Dada, Beavogui and Nkruma.

In this stage of the Pan-African Liberation Struggle we can’t rely on any Military, or Armed Forces, even those of African nations, we can’t until we fully control all apparatus and institutions of the State inside and out. Black soldiers in African armies has served us no better than Black cops in US police forces. 

We have to engage in Guerrilla Tactics and develop Guerrilla Formations until the Revolution is advanced enough to take the apparatus of the State.  That’s what Mao, Castro, Minh, Louveture, and many others did; with varying degrees of success.

Guerrilla Warfare and Tactics are well tested and have a respectable rates of success when they are mastered.  So, the question is, how to we create and how, when, and where do we deploy such forces, because we have not advanced our Revolution to the level we we can entertain the notion of creating and maintaining control of a Military, not yet, one day we will but there’s much to do prior to that.

Some of My Favorite text on Guerrilla Warfare:

The Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare by Nkruma.

Guerrilla Warfare by Che.

On Guerrilla Warfare by Mao.

The War of the Flea by Taber.

Blood in my Eye by Jackson.

I glad I was able to keep this response short, but there’s so much more to say on this issue.