Diallo, you gots to be careful with that “Afrofuturism”. Futurism itself is some white nonsense on that transhumanism white nonsense bullshit. Some black folk thought it was cool to put Afro in front of the futurism.

Well, I’ve always looked at it as an art genre.  I’ve been collecting and reading comics since I first learned to read, and video games since I was old enough to reach the joy stick.  Not to mention artist like PM Dawn, Gumbo, and Dream Warriors.  Post-Apocalyptic is my favorite movie genre; so when ever any Black imagry or characters emerged in any of that shit, I gravitated towards it and supported it; that was my Afrofuturisim.  I had all of the Milestone Comics back in the day, every single issue.  Plus, Octavia Butler, who don’t love Ms. Butler?

I had a crew project crew called the Inner City Natives; and we were into shit that people would call “alternative” now, but it was just called “weirdo shit,” in my day.  One of my homies was into extraterrestrial, and would incorporate aliens into his art and shit.  I had another homie that live according to Kemetic Astrology and would make us late to the party or basketball court cuz he had to finish his meditation session; and of course we all dressed like extras in an Arrested Development video shot.  LOL! #circa1991

So, I been into Afrofuturism before I ever knew what it was.  Way back in the early 90s.  

There’s was no Transhumanism that I recolonize; but I don’t pretend to be an expert on Afrofuturism; it had on part in my experiences with the genre, but there was a lot of pseudo and neo spirituality, but hell, you can’t have it all.  LOL!

I appreciate your concern, but there’s little danger of me falling to the “Dark Side” of AfroFuturism at this age, if there is one.