They Comin for You Too.

The Aggressive and Murderous policing tactics are just a dress rehearsal for what’s in store for all Citizens of the United States and Subjects of the American Empire.

The Pentagon researches and planners anticipate massive civil unrest coming to the US as a result of Economic Instability, Climate Disruption, Food Insecurity, and Social Disintegration.

The Empire, as all Western Capitalist Empires, is collapsing under its own internal corruption and military overreach. The usual saviors of Imperialism and Capitalism are gone; which are 1. Finding New Lands and Resources to Exploit, or 2. Having a Great war to blow shit up and then finance the rebuilding (with the added bonus of the war killing millions of useless workers and eaters).

The US has been trying to provoke Russia into a major war, but Russia got hip after losing millions of its people in WWII, so they won’t take the bait. China is also unwilling to get involved in foreign entanglements.

So there’s no war to reboot Western Capitalism, and no more land to colonize to feed Western Imperialism (Iraq, and Afghanistan were unconquerable), so the Elite have moved to plan B: the exploitation of their own populations, and the cannibalization of their own economies and infrastructure. They have to turn the US into a 3rd World War Zone in order to keep the system afloat because it thrives on violence and exploitation.

South Chicago and other Urban war zones are just the practice runs, the Canaries in the Coal Mine of the Nation, massive violence and dysfunction is coming to the suburbs, to the White middle class, to the rural areas, even to the hipster enclaves and the gentrified areas of the cities.

So, with the coming global crisis that Industrial Capitalism and Global White Domination has unleashed on the world converging, and no new options available to the Elite; they are bring the hell that they’ve imposed on African, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe right to Main Street America.

The cops are being groomed for this new totalitarian society, they are practicing on Blacks, Native Americans, and vulnerable Immigrant populations, but they will soon start using their Fascist methods on the Real Americas, the White Americans…some Whites have already gotten a taste, but most Real Americas still support their police and think that Black Thugs and “Illegals” are the threat to their “Liberty.” LoL. They so damn stupid. But their own Elite are gonna show them real soon.

Just like Whites allowed the Drug Wars to be waged on Blacks and blamed us for the atrocities we suffered, then Meth rained down on them. They gon pay for supporting these Fascist Cops and folks like Zimmerman, and blaming us for the violence and police repression we suffer, it’s coming.

We Africans need to do what we gotta do, but we also need to understand what we need to understand, whether White folk wake up or not.