What are your views on Fidel Castro?

I think he’s one of the greatest Statesmen of the modern era.  That rare combination of Warrior and Bureaucrat.

I wish he would have followed Che’s insights on Revolution however.  Che warned that if they didn’t no immediatly build on and expand the Cuban Revolution to all of the Carri bean, Latin America, and African then Cuba would become isolated by the Capitalist powers and he’d be forced to compromise his principles and get in bed with the Soviet Union, which Che felt was not true Socialism or worthy of leadership of the World Socialist Revolution.

Now we see that Che was correct, but the Revolution is still alive and the world owe Cuba and Castro our admiration and gratitude despite it’s many issues and missteps.

Like Fidel once stated; “there are millions of hungry and homeless children all over the world, but not one of them is Cuban.” That is quite an accomplishment, and it’s not just rhetoric. 

So we should study Castro and the Cuban Revolution, it’s successes, failures, and shortcomings.  There is invaluable insight there for our struggles and strategies today.

Viva Fidel!