On American Democracy.


Yall remember that dude in the Hood back in the day who had a shitty ass car (we used to call em Hoopties); but that dude thought his car was the shit?

That guy would drive around like he had the flyest car in the city, he’d put rims on that shit, big ass speakers, tint the windows, put decals, and all kinds of other shit one this car and swear it was the dopest shit? Remember how this dude would get into fights about his car, he’d yell you down if you dissed it, or think he was blessing you if he let you ride in it?

Remember how even though this dude would spend all his money “pimping out” his busted ass car he’d never put any real work or money into fixing the basic issues of the car like the engine, the exaust, the rusting body, the broken seat belts, the missing bumper, etc.; how he’d ignore the essential shit that kept the car working properly and focus on the superficial shit he thought made the car look “fly dan ah muthafucka?”

We all knew that dude from back in the day, my older brother was that dude, my best friend since the 3rd grade became that dude, some of yall was that dude, or still run with that dude today.

Well whenever I think about American democracy that dude comes to mind. You Patriotic Americans have a busted ass, dysfunction democracy and larger political system; but yall parade around like it’s hot shit, like the world should pray that they will one day get a Free and Democratic system like the USA.

You Good Americans focus on the spectacle of Elections, Partisan Politics, Celebrity Politicians, the (corporate owned and controlled) Free Press; and other superficial bullshit and refuse to see what the rest of the world sees: American Democracy is a broke down, ragged, polluting, ugly, non-working, obsolete, piece of junk that no sane or intelligent person would be proud of.