Do you think that Irritated genie is an agent?

I don’t think so, Agent/Infiltrators/Provocateurs don’t retain their government desk jobs and titles while they are infiltrating movements.  In reality, the fact that the Irritated Genie retained his job and federal job title proves the opposite; that he was not an agent.  That’s just now how it works.

Read John Perkins text, “The Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” he lays out how that agent shit really works.  They don’t work directly for the federal government, they are not paid directly by the government; they usually work for private corporations, or not-for-profits, and they have handlers that act as a liaison between them the the government with little to no contact between actually government officials and the “agents.”

The “COINTELPRO Papers” is another good text to read if you want to know how the government uses agents and the profile of a typical agent.

The government is also very keen on “agent baiting,” which is labeling someone an agent in a movement who they know is not an agent to foment distrust and dysfunction within the ranks, they did that to the Black Panther Party, and even the Universal Negro Improvement Association. 

Finally, I encourage you to read all you can about Jay Edgar Hoover, he developed many of the tactics that are used to subvert liberation struggles to this day.

So, although the Irritate Genie and his overall methodology is riddled with problems, him being an agent is not one of them. 

Note:  Just because someone is not an agent at this time does not mean they can’t be turned at some point in the future, or that they were not agents at some point in the past, just look at Al Sharpton, or Maulana Karenga; even Dr. King closes allies were agents and informers like Bayard Rustin.

That’s why we in the struggle must always be viligilant, you should always run your opperation as though it was already infiltrated, even if it isn’t; that don’t mean you should be paranoid or immoblizled, you just need to have tight protocols and vetting methods. 

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