How do you feel about Zimbabwe letting China clear it’s debt and letting they Yuan become the national currency? Is this the death knoll in trying to start up a self sufficient African Banking/Economic System?

The Struggle Continues, that’s all I can say.

Africans have a long history of trading one Colonial Oppressor for another and calling that a victory or progress.  When the Muslims replaced the Romans, or when the European Colonizers drove out the Muslims, or when the USSR drove our the Western Imperialist, or when the Chinese CommunoCapitalist drive out the Western Imperialist.  The sick fucking cycle continues.  

We keep fucking trading one Oppressor/Colonizer for another instead of driving all aliens off our lands and all alien systems and institutions our of our societies, and alien ideology out of our fucking minds.  

African societies and cultures, with very few exceptions are Xenophilic, and Dr. Clarke stated that Xenophilia was our greatest strength and our greatest vulnerability.  Being able to welcome the stranger allows us to be most humane and civilized, but it also opens us up to invasions, colonization, and enslavement. 

But again, the Struggle for Pan-African Liberation is farm from lost, it’s far from won, and it’s far from over; so we continue to struggle and build.  

We can hold to the fact that Africa, for the vast majority of our history were a free and independent people, and this state of dysfunction and colonization is not only unnatural, it’s unsustainable.  We just have to accelerate the overall decolonization of Africans lands, and African minds (across the globe) before the System of Industrial and Finance Capitalism that has been imposed by the West and Adopted by China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, South Korea, and Russia fully collapses all of the earth’s ecosystems, rendering the planet uninhabitable by complex lifeforms.  It’s so much bigger than Black Liberation at this point.