Thoughts on the current space colonization efforts of NASA and excitement of some people lately? I’m against going to space while white domination exists, that’s me though.

The Militarization of Space, and the move to colonize and mine the “wealth” of space got fully underway during the Reagan Administration, and I don’t think it get’s enough coverage.  I’m with you, I don’t think we should seek to take the sick system that is killing this planet into the stars, but it’s too late for that because it’s already there.  They’ve even manged pollute the orbital space around the earth, just Google “space waste.”

So we are beyond preventing the Militarization and Colonization of space, and have to move towards reversing this obscenity as quickly as possible.

One of the world authorities on this issue is Bruce Gagnon, peep his research and efforts, it’s a good place to get started.