I know you’re an atheist, and believe religions are just made-up fairy tales. However I humbly submit to you that Kemet is more of a philosophy than a religion. Even if you say it’s based on more legend than historical fact, at least it’s our thing. When Africans reigned Supreme, and Whites lived in caves. The White man then came along and stole Black culture, then called it their own. Will you let me call you Hotep? After all, we descended from Kings and Queens

Atheist don’t “believe” anything about religion.  Atheism is not really about assertions, it’s more about accepting evidence and acknowledging where there is no evidence.

Atheism is not a “belief,” it’s a conclusion, a studied conclusion.

I was raised in the church, I was baptized, I was content in my beliefs up til I was 14 years old; but they just didn’t hold up to critical examination; so I would have to hold to lies or accept and articulate the facts.  Atheism didn’t require that I believe, or anything else, there’s not formal way to reject fiction, even tough the Religious try to pretend that there is some Atheist Religion or Dogma, but there isn’t. 

I have no issue with folklore, mythology, mysticism, or beliefs…when they are not politicized.  There is a wealth of lessons to be leaned from fables, and fantastic fictional stories. 

I’ve read the Mtu Ntr, I learned a lot and I’ve recommended it to others. 

I agree our Spiritual Systems, Religions, and Goods are best; and the only ones worthy of our worship and adherents.

#AfricanGodsOnly is my mantra.