Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Black Canaries in America’s Social Coal Mine.

The Black community is a training ground for policing methods that
will be deployed through the US, in major cities, and rural America.  
The US Elites need to know that their cops will obey order, and be
willing to kill without hesitation and remorse.

The Elites need
to know this because there are nearing the final stages of their strip
mining of the US economy, and they intend to merge the White working and
middle classes with the enslaved Third World labor force.  

Capitalist in the West got sick of seeing their counterparts in the
Third World  become billionaires through the raping and
hyper-exploitation of the workings in their lands.  The Third World
Capitalism didn’t have to deal with workers compensation, retirement
benifits, environmental standards, strikes, or people of the lower
classes getting uppity and demanding that their children get proper
eduction, nutrition, or clean drinking water.

See, all the shit
you think you get because you live in a Capitalist nation, all the shit
you take for granted, all the workers rights, and livable wages yall
enjoy, none of that shit came from capitalism.  It came from Socialist reforms forced on the Capitalist by Radicals in the 1800s up to Roosevelt’s New Deal.
 Capitalism hasn’t given workers in the US a damn thing, everything you
enjoy as a member of the non-elites class you got in spite of
Capitalism and the Capitalist.  Just look up the history.

Now the US Capitalist want to take America back to the era of the Industrial Revolution
where worker had no rights, could be paid starvation wages, and there
were no limits on what the Elites could do to increase their wealth.

This is gonna take an immense amount of violence to get White Americans to give up their bloated Suburban lifestyles based on Conspicuous consumption, and their false sense of superiority they have over the non-White global majority.

That shit that went down at the Bundy Ranch was just a dress rehearsal.  The Elites are cultivating animosity between White civilians and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The White masses think that Black are being murdered by cops because we
are so unlawful, they don’t even understand that we are merely a social
equivalent of the canary in the coal mine.  

H. Clinton is on her way to the White House, and just look at what happened when B. Clinton was there; from Ruby Ridge, to his hidden war against the Militia movement; soon the Militarized Police ( Rise of the Warrior Cop)
will be given orders to bring their “service and protection,” to White
communities like they’ve been doing in the Black communities.