Thoughts on the stock market and do you have any money in stocks?

In reality, the Stock Market means different things for different classes of people, to the poor it’s meaningless, to the lower middle-class a spectator sport, to the middle-class it is relevant, they have a stake but no agency in the stock market, to the rich it is a playground, a casino, to the Global Elite it is a tool to manipulate and disciple the rest of the population.

It is a Temple of Capitalism, an there is much mythology surrounding this Temple of Mammon, like how it’s about ambitious companies seeking funding and about investors getting ownership and dividends as they help companies build a strong America, or some variation on that Bullshit.  That couldn’t be futher from the truth; the stock market and speculation has been the primary source econmic instabilty, crashes, and suffering for the working and productive classes, but they think they have as much a stake in the SM as the Institutional Investors.

I don’t own any stocks and would do away with it if I were to construct a State and a National Economy; but I don’t fault those workers who own stocks, we have to navigate this system until we build a better one.