Balance vs. Bullshit.

When someone states that they “don’t want to be around any negative energy,” get the fuck away from them.

Get away from then even if your aura is radient. Get away from them even if your vibratory frequencies are resonating at peak levels. Get away from them even if all of your Chakras are alined. Get the fuck away from them even if you are the most positive, optimistic, and joyous person in your social circle.

Stay all the way away from people who repeat the phrase “I don’t want to be around negative energy, or negative people.”

The reason I’m telling you this is because people who say such things are not asserting that they are Good and only want to be surrounded by the Good, that’s not how that statement or mentality translates in the real world.

The people who “don’t want to be around negativity,” are most often telling you in an indirect way that: “I will not sympathize with your pain and struggles, I will not aid you if you are met with an enduring challenge in your life, I will not sacrifice my time, resources, or energy to help you rise up if you fall.”

The people who publicly state and repeat that they “don’t want to be around negative energy, or people” are social and emotional vampires. They only want to be with you on the UP swing, they will enjoy your company when you have something to offer them, but the moment you need something from them, even if it’s as simple as a shoulder to cry on, they will call you “Negative,” they will say that your are “bringing down the vibe,” they may just say you are a “hater.” But whatever phraseology they use against you; just know that they are not rejecting your “negative energy,” they are rejecting you in totality, your whole person, your very humanity. So fuck them.

We all know that “Energy” ebbs and flows, it has highs and it has lows, that energetic wavelengths must dip in order to hit their peaks. We know that only a psychotic individual can be Happy or Positive at all times, just as only psychotic people are always Negative or Angry at all times, both are defined as states of psychosis. Health is a balance of “it’s all good,” and “fuck this bullshit” sentiments.

So don’t roll with imbalanced people no matter how their imbalance manifest, or how they try to spiritualize or justify their imbalances.

If a muthafucka is requesting or demanding that you be positive, nice, happy, jovial, or energetic at all times, cuss they asses out, unload a ton of “negative energy” on them and get the fuck away from their Vampiric asses.