From a Pan African perspective whats more important politics or science? What are your thoughts on the apolitical, especially white folk that say fuck politics, only science counts?

Politics is way more important than science.  Politics determine the level of investment in science, the direction of scientific research and development, the implementation of science, the regulation of science, etc.  

The most important scientific achievements have been the direct by-product of government policy and investment; the internet, the computer, radar, magnetic resonance, etc.  Even the expansion of the electrical grid, telephone, communication systems across the US and into rural areas were all political intuitions that make the scientific achievement possible.  

Politics will determine if a nation’s scientist will be building nuclear bombers, or improving renewable energy technology.  Politics will determine if a nation will send bomb equipped drones to a disaster area or well-trained doctors and engineers (look at the US vs. Cuba’s response to the Haitian earthquake and hurricane catastrophes).  

Germany had some of the most brilliant scientist in the world under Hitler’s Third Reich government, and look at the horrors they produced, then those same scientist were brought to the US during Operation Paperclip to build the US war-machine and nuclear arsenal.  

African, especially Nigeria has some of the most brilliant scientist and mathematicians in their respective field, but they are all abroad, offering their brilliance to their former colonizers instead of building Africa, and that’s because of politics, because of policy, because of political agendas.

So, if you politics are fucked, you can have the best science, best technology, the best minds, but your society will still be fucked.  

There are way too many examples of this to cover them all, just remember that science is rooted in and grows out of a people’s politics and culture.  Scientific facts/truths are universal, but how they are exploited or applied is cultural and political.  

Science will not save us, it’s simply a method and tool; how we utilize those tools and methods will determine our survival and quality of life on earth for all creatures.  Everything is political, everything, especially science.

That’s why I take the positions that Ideological Education is more important than a Technical or Formal Education; Ideology over All, Ideology is All.  

If you doubt me, just review the life and mind of Ben Carson….(Science Alone Will Not Save US).

Oh, and as far as what White folks say, just remember that they sustained a multi-billion dollar global propaganda apparatus; so don’t think that they don’t understand the necessity of spreading their ideology and culture in conjunction with their science economic agendas.