Religion is A Drug, the Most Pervasive and Destructive Drug!


Colonial and Slave religions are the worst drugs in the Black community. There is no more pervasive, or destructive drug afflicting us.

Drugs have a detrimental affect on the addicts mind. A drug is a substance that occupies your constrictive time and thought; it makeS you engage in counterproductive thinking and behavior. Drugs often induce hallucinations, and psychosis. Drugs can drive you towards isolation, or violence. Drugs can isolate you from those that care about you and drive you into the arms, or under the influence of those who seek to harm or exploit you. Drug addicts tend to get high together, in places were their drug abuse is accepted and supported. Yes, religion can have all of the characteristics of drug addiction.

The reason religion is the worse drug is because it’s a high you never come down from. You wake up high, you go to bed high. You don’t have to chase this drug, you don’t have to hide your addiction, you don’t even have to pretend that you wanna get help or stop getting high off this drug, you can open abuse it in public, at work, even in front of your children. It is even socially acceptable to get children hooked on religion, people praise parents who are able to get their children strung out on this drug before they are even able to read, and interpret the doctrine and history of this drug for themselves.

Understand, I am not anti-drugs. I support the legalization and decriminalization of drugs. The real problem is when a hostile foreigner comes into your culture and introduces a drug that has no connection to the culture and traditions of a people. The Chinese have been dealing with opium for centuries, but the British Opium Wars turned a great Dynastic culture into a nation of dysfunctional addicts. Europeans also gave Alcohol to the Native Americans, they took the Coca plant that the South American Natives had been using for countless generations, and flipped into cocaine and later crack. So drugs can be introduced into a culture, or a hostile nation can take your native drug and manipulate it and use it against you.

Africans had spirituality and faith long before any other people on the planet, we produce scriptures, creation myths, and great temples and structures to honor our gods, but then hostile entities came from the East and the North and brought new gods, new and extremely potent doctrine, they infected our spiritual systems with their twisted psychosis; and today, we have a global community of dysfunctional, religious addicts.

Some of these addicts try to Africanize their drug of choice and pretend that they, and their ancestors were getting high on this substance all along; but just a small amount of investigation will dismantle that nonsense. You can’t take Crack Cocaine squeeze some African mango juice on it, and pretend that it’s from our culture, or healthy for African people; just like you can’t drape a foreign religion in Kente Cloth and pretend like it was not forced on your people at the point of a sword or though the barrel of a gun.

We all need to go into recovery yall, we can’t keep throwing out time and money into the clouds, and waiting for salvation that’s over 1400 years behind schedule.