You are only half right about me. Yes, I like interracial porn, but so do most people. Yea you are more intelligent than I am, but I’m not a dummy. I never claimed to be smart, but below average? Come on, that hurt.

You are a Racist who likes interracial porn, you don’t see the contradiction?  Just like in Utah, where they put of all those funds to oppose gay marriage but have the highest rate of (gay) porn consumption in the US, and you gotta consume a shit load of porn to be at the top of the US consumption list, and Utah is practically a Mormon Theocracy. 

Also, you remember that White Aggressor (not Supremacist, but Aggressor) who killed those Jews in Kansas, he was a prototypical White Aggressor but he was known to solicit Black male prostitutes. 

So don’t try to explain away your behaviors with that “but so do most people,” line because in my experience most people don’t gain sexual pleasure when being exposed to what they claim to hate the most, unless they are truly sick and sadistic muthafuckas; as Racist often are.

Racist are not inherently dumb, many are, but it’s not due to their Racism; the majority of poor, working-class, and middle-class Whites are dumb as shit, even if they hold no Racist views.  That’s because Whites in the US are the most aggressively indoctrinated population on this planet.  Everything yall know about your own culture and history, and all the cultures and histories of the world is a lie, and you lack the basic skills to shift though the comforting and legitimizing lies that allow you to hold to your privileged and illusionary positions as White people, to get at any level of truth or reality.  That’s why yall keep enthusiastically voting against your own economic and long-term political interest, every fucking election cycle.  But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than Party politics.

The White Elites know the truths, and they know it’s best to keep the White masses in the dark about most things, and the White masses are cool with that deal as long as the cheaply made consumer goods keep flowing into their suburban malls and gentrified urban shopping centers.

So you may not be dumb, but you are extremely ignorant; but that ignorance is so comforting to you and your ilk yall are willing to kill and die to sustain your ignorance.

Every time a White person emerges to try to enlighten the White masses about the game the White Elite are running on them yall kill or ostracize them.  There are many Black youth who really think there are no good White historical figures because when they study yall history yall only praise folks like Columbus (genocidal invader), George Washington (slave raping elitist), or Henry Ford (Nazi loving capitalist).  There are some Whites who were about justice; like Eugene Debs or Gen. Smedley Butler; but they are hated individuals and never discussed in the history books.  None of that is an accident.

You don’t have to be hurt by my observations however, you can return to your White Bubble that the White Elites have constructed for you, where you are fed all of the comforting lies, and the material goods to sustain you.  Yall even have a multibillion dollar global media apparatus to feed you the comforting lies and illusion.  So log off of tumblr and head over to ’Stormfront,“ or grab a beer and turn on ‘Fox News,’ and bask in that White glory.  Hell they even have some mainstream Liberal outlets for you if you want to move from Racist Redneck to Hipster Neo-Racism. 

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