On the Black Bourgeois, the Negro Elite, & Rich Niggas…

Yall do realize that there were Black plantation owners and slave holders in the United States during the lead up to the Us Civil War?

Yall know that right?

Yall do know that every single Black plantation owner and slave holder fought on the side of the Confederate States Army to sustain the system of Chattel Slavery, right?  

Yall realize that every single “successful” Black slave holder put
their own personal financial interest above our collective interest as a
People, and even put their financial interest above the very humanity
of their own people, right?

Yall realize that the Black
Bourgeois, the Negro Elites, the Rich Niggas today have the same values,
outlooks, and behavioral patters of them Black Plantation owners, yall
know that right?

Yall know that no matter how many turkeys they
pass out on the holidays, how many foundations and not-for-profits they
fund, no matter how many budding Negros the pay college tuition for, no
matter how many times we elect them to the White House; these Negro
Elites have no intention on bringing down the Systems and Institutions
of White Domination, no matter how many of us Black masses suffer and
die under it, right?

Just checking with yall, to make sure we all have some basic understandings here.  Thanks.