I see that you mention Derrick Jensen a lot and his books. Do you agree with his conclusion that civilization is a mistake? He’s also against industrialization, industrial farming and high technology in general. After the fall of GWD should Africans worldwide continue with civilization as high tech or scale back? Or does this not even apply to Africans, and it is civilization that comes from a European mindset the problem?

No.  DJ defines Civilization in a very specific way; which is not universal.  According to his definition of Civilization; which is applies to Western Civilization; yes, it was a horrific mistake.

Africans, and the rest of humanity should absolutely reject Industrialization; hell, we never really embraced it, it was forced on Africa and most of the non-Western world, and people would abandon it willingly.  Who the fuck want’s to spend their lives working for another person’s profit?

This whole system is held together through violence, even the people who don’t see violence know that the moment they stop working, they stop submitting to the demands of this sick system that someone with a badge an a gun will show up to take their shit and throw them out of their homes.  Once the authority of the system is gone most people will simply walk away from this culture and its institutions.  Humanity will “scale back” on their pollution, war, and dysfunction, but we will advance overall.

The European Mindset or Mentality and Culture is the problem; DJ asserts that Europeans, their culture has a “death urge” and will kill everything unless it is contained, reveres, and done away with.

I don’t think DJ’s analysis is universal; but he’s spot on when talking about his own Race, community, and Culture; it takes one to know one.  I don’t read him to understand whit I or my people must do, I read him for insights into his own people, their society, culture, motivations, and mentality.