Why do you think more Africans here and abroad aren’t fighting for or even working towards liberation and what qualities do you think makes people “woke” or revolutionary?

Someone just asked me the same question on Facebook, I’m gonna recycle the first part of my response if you don’t mind: 

Oppressors have refined their methods of mass indoctrination and
oppression, we have not advanced our analysis and organizational
methods; or to put it mo simple: we ain’t keep up.  That’s
why we don’t have revolution, why our less educated ancestors, with
fewer resources, and less communication tech our organized us.

There are no universal or uniform qualities that make people “woke” or Revolutionary.  You find educated and uneducated, violent and non-violent, uptight and slack, spiritual and atheist.  Woke and Revolutionary people manifest in just about every form and mindset you can imagine.

What does unite all “woke” or Revolutionary people are principles; principles are what divides Revolutionaries, Oppressors, and those who submit to oppression.  Revolutionaries and woke people resist oppression, injustice, and exploitation in all of its manifestations.  We attempt to devise and execute the most effective methods of resistance.  We don’t betray the Struggle or surrender to the Oppressors. 

We love the People and we fully recognize Human Potential (to be more than Human Resources and Conspicuous Consumers); and we fight for something beyond our own limited experiences, we fight for those we will never know or see, for generations to come.  We envision a better world, better social and economic relations, and we work to construct that better world.  That’s it.  That’s what all of the Revolutionary Manifestos pretty much state, what all of the more just Spiritual Systems mandate, what all of the great Revolutionary philosophers and organizers modeled for us. 

So, as you organize, don’t look for particular qualities, cuz you gon end up with a cult instead of a Revolutionary Organization or Formation if you give weight to random “qualities.”  Look for someone who can understand, commit to, and execute an articulated plan/agenda; that’s the foundation, everything else is fucking fluff in the struggle, I promise you.  Once you have some one who can understand/commit/execute, you know you have someone capable of growth, dialogue, debate, evolution, rationality, etc; all the other shit that’s needed to be an effective Revolutionary or woke person.