I read your latest essay and I have two questions. What sorts of businesses and what kind of economic system do you have in mind when you write Pan-African Economy? I notice you wrote at the bottom #BlackCapitalismWillNotWork, which is at odds with Dr. Claud Anderson’s teachings. My second question is, what do you mean by “but it’s good to reduce suffering, not end it, but reducing it…” Isn’t it good to eliminate suffering totally?

I propose sustainable, cooperative, localized, non-polluting, bio-mimicking businesses and technology for the Pan-African Economy.

In all societies the work, and the development is Socialist, even in the US and Western Europe.  Capitalism is not a productive system, it is a valuing and appropriating system, when a society creates a Capitalistic Class it simply creates a class that can legally rob all other members of the society of the wealth they produce and accumulate it in the hands of a few Parasitist.  If everyone was given full compensation for their labors there would be no Capitalist or Capitalism; Capitalism requires theft and slavery..on a massive scale.  So I want a natural, ecological, and just economy, a Scientific Socialist economy for all Africans.

I think the fatal flaw in Anderson’s teachings and efforts is that it is heavily dependent on Whites honoring their own laws and economic rules when it comes to Black people and our economic development, which has never happened.  I agree with his drive towards Group Economics, and creating Black Economic enclaves, but not for the purpose of prospering in the US and obtaining status and security withing this system, but for the purpose of subverting this system. 

Much of Dr. Anderson’s work is too Reformist from my point of view, and tends to stop short of Revolution.  There is much value in his teachings, I’ve read all of his books and even contributed to his Harvest Institute, I don’t think our difference put us at odds with each other, but at one point I’d have to diverge and put a slant on his teachings; to further Radicalize them.

Charity is a means to manage the poor, not to end poverty.  I was just trying to put charity in the context of Revolution and Liberation, I’m not downing charity, just pointing out that we should not stop there, or allow it to distract from the greater mission of Liberation.