The Corporate Media has managed to convince the general public that the two major political parties are fighting against each other to server the interest of the people who elect them when they are actually fighting each other for the opportunity to sever the interest, and do the bidding of the multinational corporations, and the global economic elite.

99.8% of voters who vote for a Democratic or Republican candidate in a National or Local election is voting against their own class, national, community interest at this point.

If you still believe in or want to participate in the US political process your only viable option is Third Party Candidates, or not voting at all.

Green Party
Justice Party
Communist Party USA
Libertarian Party
Socialist Party USA
Peace and Freedom Party
Freedom and Justice Party
Vegan Environmental Party / Parti écologique végan
Or start your own political party.

You have options, do you have the courage and integrity to exercise those options?

PS: As a US citizen you still have the right and obligation to hold a politician, political party, or policy accountable, and make demands of them even if you didn’t vote for them or didn’t vote at all, so that bullshit about if you didn’t vote you surrender your political power, or that you are excused if you didn’t vote for the current puppets who’s fucking shit up don’t hold up.

Engage the Struggle on all fronts, from political, to economic, to the grassroots.