Do you believe in God on any level? I’m not speaking about organized religion. Do you believe in “the all,” or a being or system that is bigger than us all….or one that maybe connects us all?


God is like Superman or Spiderman; a fictional character who was invented, and often remixed by men and women.  God is a figment of human imagination.  All holy books were conceived, written, printed, bound, and distributed by men/women; all of them.  None of those men/women were inspired by anything supernatural, all-seeing, or divine.   

There are literally millions of Gods, all cultures and civilizations created all kinds of gods and goddesses, from loving to vengeful genocidal gods and goddesses. 

I don’t believe in “the all,” or anything else, I know or I don’t know, that’s it. 

I am comfortable with the fact that there is much about the origins of life, or origins of the universe I don’t know, I don’t need to accept a fictional account of the origins of life and the universe, just because I don’t have the real answer, that’s stupid.  When you accept a falsehood it removes any potential for knowing the truth, even when the truth is presented to you.  That’s why believers reject facts that contradict their beliefs. 

There is enough magnificence, wonder, love, beauty, purpose, and greatness in the real world, in life, in nature, in humanity; we don’t need to invent Gods, Heavens, After-Lives and all that other bullshit. 

All of the major religions devalue women, animals, nature, and everything else while they worship a fictional man called God/Jesus/Allah/Yahweh, that’s really absurd.  Humanity was better off when we worshiped ancestors, women, animals, nature and everything else.  When you value the unreal over the real you will have constant atrocities. 

“All major religions, without exception, are nothing more than Male Chauvinist Murder Cults.” – John Henrik Clarke.

We are all connected, but it ain’t got shit to do with any God, or supernatural being or divine force, we are connected by common needs, a common dependence on the earth and its ecosystems.  If we all bonded based on our dependence on ecosystems it would better inform our actions than resting on these obscene Holy Books, Dogmas, and Gods.

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