Are white people light skin blacks who forget where they come from?

No.  Whites are a social, political, and ideological construct based on the European and Eurasian phenotype. 

Racial characteristic are obviously superficial adaptations to the ecosystems human populations evolved in.  Human populations also had to develop psychological and cultural practices to survive and thrive in their ecosystems; the combination of physical, psychological, and cultural adaptations is what gives us the wide diversity in the human populations in the world; and it was a wonderful thing…until one population decided that; not only are they superior to all other human populations, but that all other human populations should embrace (through force and coercion) their way of viewing and interacting with the world and its ecosystems.  All of humanity and all ecosystems have suffered from this imbalance imposed by Whites on the rest of the world, even Whites are suffering and failing to thrive and evolve under Global White Domination; their technology is evolving faster then their humanity, and they mistake that for progress when it’s only a formula for greater disaster, and ultimate Omnicide…as the rest of humanity joins them…or fails to stop them.

So, Whites ain’t Blacks, or vice versa.  We are unique and separate Races, and cultures; that evolved to live and thrive in separate and unique regions of our great earth. 

Oh, and White people didn’t come from Africa, they evolved in Asia. 

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