Thank You Sisters….

Sisters, I want to acknowledge your maturity and restraint.

I’ve yet to see a post demeaning, condemning, attacking, or suggesting
that Black men are assisting in the downfall of the Race as a result of
their following and watching all those Ball-Chasers during the ‪#‎MarchMaddness‬ Basketball Tournament.

Hell, yall Sisters be chill no matter the season, far as I see. Even
if yall complain about preoccupation with sports yall don’t blame Black
men’s consumption of sports for the downfall of the Race.

Because I remember how so many “conscious” Black men leveled those same
accusations against Black women when yall wanted to settle in and watch
Scandal, Empire, or any of those other (tacky) shows yall like to relax and consume.

As if liking tacky TV is a sign that you ain’t down for the betterment
of the community; as if watching exploited Black Ball-Chasers is more
sophisticated or acceptable than watching Black TV dramas.

you Sisters are so cool yall don’t even complain how so may of them
Ball-Chasers chase non-Black woman as aggressively as they chase balls,
to pay Brothers back for spazzing out about the interracial sex in
Empire and Scandal.

Now, I don’t watch March Madness, or Scandal,
or Empire; but I follow all the discussions and accusations Scandal and
Empire provoke, and like I already said, you Sisters are showing so
much class by not turning that shit on Brothers when the opportunity
presents itself. Maybe too much class.

Brothers, follow the Sister’s example.

Yall can critique the show and even its actual and potential impact on
the community without demeaning and attacking Black women for watching
it, especially when we have more than our share of media diversions,
from the XboX to Sports to racist, sexist, hyper-violent Action Movies.

Criticize media all you like, but stop tearing Sisters down for kicking off their shoes and getting lost in tacky TV.

Thank you again Black women.