I just need to clarify somethings…

Am I wrong to assume that everyone understands that we have not won, that we have not ended one of the atrocities, injustices, or imperial agendas of the Global System of White Domination.

We all know that right?

We are aware that every single time we’ve organized to end slavery, legal rape, the kidnapping and sexual exploitation of our children, the brutal theft of land and property, the mutilation of our bodies for pleasure and sport of White, and the rest of the horrors that Europe visited upon the non-White world; we understand that they’ve just move such behaviors underground, or overseas, don’t we?

We know that Whites simply changed their religious and biological justifications for our oppression and exploitation, to legal and economic justifications…we know that, right?

We know that the Systems of White Domination are flexible and resilient. That they can grant Civil Rights to Blacks, Immigrants, Gays, or any other group without changing any of the fundamental structures of oppression. That giving Rights to formerly “out groups” reinforces their hold to power, it dosen’t diminish their power or increase justice. We clear on that, ain’t we?

We know that they can allow Blacks to lead their military, their corporations, or even be elected president and preside over their Empire without surrendering any real power to us as a people?

We know that the accumulation of billions of dollars by Blacks is not power, or even real wealth, we know that right? We know that the White Elite still hold the real wealth, the natural resources, the territory, and the weapons that are the real source of power, and that their paper currency is just a regulatory tool, not real wealth or power; we understand all this don’t we?

We know that it is not only a waste of time trying to further integrate into the Systems of White Domination, but a betrayal of future generations to do so. That this system is doomed and the only question is how much of the land and oceans can still support life once it finally fully collapses. We know this too, correct?

We have accepted that the only worthwhile actions, they only way to properly invest our limited time and resources is in working to expedite the collapse of the Systems and Infrastructures of White Domination, and building Pan-African Institutional Power, and just and sustainable Ways of Being for all humanity? Right?

Do we underhand this, have we accepted these verifiable truths? Please tell me that we have some fundamental awareness of what we face and what we, as a people, need to be doing