JAY Z is under the impression that it’s “very difficult” to teach White youth to be Racist if they listen to him and other Rappers like Snoop Dog. SMH. Like a White kids is gonna be all like; “I used to think Black people were sub-human until I saw Snoop Dogg walking those two Black bitches on a lease at that one award show.” Jay Z imagines that Black folks dancing in the club with inebriated White folks while listening to Black performers Rap about killing other Black folks and pimping Black women will enlighten White people and cure them of their Race based aggressions.

I’m sure Jay Z can afford a history book or some DVDs featuring Dr. John Henrik Clarke or Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, and find out that we’ve been entertaining White folks since they first brought us up outta the hulls of Slave ships to dance and sing for the crew members, that they’ve been exposed to our musical and athletic talents since Massa gave us Sundays off on the plantation for songs and sports; and none of that has changed their Racist treatment of our ancestors or us; I suspect that the more talent we show the more hostility, jealousy, and fear the Racist feel towards Black people.

Somebody tell Jay Z that Whites have been oppressing, enslaving, and killing people who’ve entertained them for centuries, that they have danced with their enemies in the night only to kill them in the day. Hell one of the Nazi concentration camps had a fucking all Jewish orchestra that would play for the Nazi officers!!! When the Nazis took power in Germany and much of Europe Jews were some of the most recognized and appreciated performers and artist in all of Europe. (Check out The Pianist so see a stylized biography of one of the few popular Jewish artist and how they faired under the Nazis.)

Somebody tell Jay Z that White kids can grow up listening to him rap about how “it’s hard not to kill Ni99as, it’s like a full-time job not to kill Ni99as,” and watch him pour expensive alcoholic beverages on Black women, and still hold to their Racism and all of the ill-gotten wealth and power that their Racism affords them.

Somebody tell Jay Z to kick in some loot to the Global African Liberation Struggle and then return to the French Rivera and leave this Race and Liberation shit to those who have at least a fundamental understanding of Racism. Damn!