What do you think of the Uhuru movement?

I’ve been asked about my thoughts on Chairman Omali before and I kinda addressed it there.

I’ve worked with some members who were establishing or expanding a chapter here on the South Side of Chicago, their members are well educated, I’d even say professional organizers; and that’s commendable.  Professionalism is a rarity among activist/organizers/radials, many shun structure and protocol when it comes to the work.  They were professional without being rigid.

I’ve also worked with a few ex-members of Uhuru, and even as they had strong criticism of the organization the exhibited those same qualities, and I think the benefited from their time in the movement even if they no longer acknowledged it. 

I can’t say much about the internal workings of the organization cuz I ain’t never been a member, only worked with members and ex-members; and I’m familiar with their line, which is a strong and even viable line if they can sustain and advance it.  

If the opportunity to work with the org or it’s members arose again in my areas of operation I’d so.

I know there’s a lot of controversy, and beef surrounding the organization, but I’m not any more hip to that shit than the next guy.  I know in one of those beefs, everything they were accused of turned out to be false, and the criticism they leveled against their accuser turned out to hold true, so that’s a plus for them in that particular conflict; but forgive me for not saying names, just too tired to kick up shit, and it ain’t relevant at this point. 

I conciser the UM as asset to the community and the Struggle overall.