Greetings Brother Diallo. What are your thoughts on North Korea? Not sure if you’ve seen the reports but N.Korea says they can unleash missiles on the USA at anytime. I also know the mainstream media likes to make anything that is not white western capitalist the enemy. So what are your thoughts on the history and politics of N.Korea from a Pan African Perspective?

I don’t think there’s a nation more misunderstood and lied about than NK.  I respect the people of NK, and their enduring resistance against Western Aggression, I also sympathize for them, because they do have many internal issues; which stem from relentless attacks from the West and Global Elites. It’s unfortunate because many Revolutionary nations fall to internal tyranny in order to sustain their Resistance; militarist States are needed to resist Imperialist Aggression, most often, not always, but most often.

As far as NK attacking the US, that’s absolute fucking nonsense.  The NK have been invaded by the Japanese, and Western Imperialist nations over the course of generations, they’ve had their nation split in two, but they have demonstrated no imperialist or aggressive tendencies against other nations.  Who the fuck have the NKs invaded?  How many nations do they occupy. 

The US is a fucking global empire, that threaten the lives of literally billions of people, and NK is no threat to the US, the US is a threat to NK, and has aggressed against NK on several occasions.   

The Elites know NK is not a threat to US citizens, but they like to keep boogie men propped up so that they can justify bloated military and intelligence budgets.  You are right, if it ain’t White and or Capitiist, it is evil and a threat to freedom; that’s the propaganda that people in the West eat up like a bunch of fucking idiots. 

The US owes NK trillions in reparations, and should exist the region and dismantle all of its bases in the region, and end its targeting of NK and other nations.  That’s Justice. 

When you hear about famine, repression, mass incarceration, and denial of human right in NK, know that it’s not because the West gives a flying fuck about the NK, because famine, repression, mass incarceration, and denial of human rights is most prevalent in the nations under the direct or indirect control of the Western Empires, and we don’t hear shit about, this system profits and thrives on war, repression, mass incarceration, famine, and human misery; it perpetuates it, so the Western leaders have not moral right to criticize NK.

Pan-Africanism holds solidarity with all people seeking their liberation and opposition to all sources of oppression. 

Bottom line; for all of its issues, NK is not a military threat to the US or the West!  The opposite of that is the truth.