Should africans imply a xenophobic culture towards european/western culture and other alien cultures since our xenophilic culture was the main reason of african enslavement and africas downfall by arab and european Invasion ?

No, a phobia is an irrational fear; and we don’t need any more irrationality in the Global African community. 

We need rational assessments, radical analysis, and rational programs and agendas. 

We also need to adjust our Xenophillic approach to the world, but we need not abandon it because the majority of the foreigners we made contact with did not colonize us, enslave us, or commit genocide against us.  We had civilized relations with the Natives of North and South America, and most of Asia before anyone had ever heard of a European or a Muslim.  

We don’t need to become a insecure, isolated, and hostile people like our Oppressors are, but we do need to accept and learn from our history and make the proper adjustments to secure ourselves and our descendants. 

We don’t have to become them to beat them.  Look how that worked out for Japan and others.