The Black Vote…

I am so sick of folks talking about people died for us to vote! No one died for the vote. The struggle for the vote was part of a larger strategy; the vote was a means to a greater end, just like marching, sitting in, boycotts, protest, riots, and petitioning. Our ancestors were struggling for resources, power, and justice. That was the goal; everything else was a tactic, a tool, or a strategy! Don’t ever fix your mouth to say someone died for a vote, it demonstrates an ignorance of history and a misinterpretation of our struggle.

When we understand that voting was a tool and a strategy, we can stop with our emotional attachments to it and evaluate how it has worked, or failed to work. We can decide if we want to change how we vote, who we vote for, or if we vote at all.

Those of you who fail to organize, resist oppressive power, to give your time, talent, and money for the betterment of the entire Black community, who are afraid to take any risk or offer any opposition to the corrupt powers are the one’s betraying and disrespecting the legacy of our ancestors and our Heroes! Voting for one corrupt political party over another ain’t shit! Stop patting yourselves on the back for that.

The absolute least you pro-voting individuals could do is vote for an independent third party that is not beholden to corporate power and a racist imperial agenda. The Communist Party USA, Green Party, Justice Party; are just a few options.