On the 2015 NFL Draft.

let me know yall, which one of yall PRIVATELY OWNED teams that
manipulates yall into having an emotional investment in by carrying the
name of the city that your dwell in or have an attachment to got the
best Ball Chasers in the NFL Draft?

I think getting Black people
to claim teams that they have no ownership of, in cities that treat them
like sub-human, second-class citizens is training for getting us to
psychologically accept and become emotionally invested in other shit that we shouldn’t have any attachment too.  

When I hear Black folks talk that “my team” bullshit it’s not
different than when they say “my country” in reference to the United
States, our “our troops” in reference to the US military, or “our
company” in reference to the multinational corporation that exploits
their labor, or “my God” in reference to the religion enslavers imposed
on their ancestors, or “my money” in reference to the baseless Fiat currency they ration out to us.  

Maybe, just maybe, if we could get the masses of our people to accept that pro-sports, the Ball Chasers, and all the Bread and circuses
attached to sports was totally irrelevant to them, maybe we could begin
to shed all the other unhealthy emotional attachments we have been
indoctrinated into.  Maybe.

Hell, I’m not even telling yall that
yall can’t watch Ball Chasers chase balls, or Modern Gladiators beat the
shit out of each other for our entertainment, just let go of the
emotional investment, don’t get so damn stimulated and hyper behind that
shit; cuz that’s where they capture you and pull you in.

If we
could become totally indifferent to who wins, and never discuss that
shit before or after the games or matches are over, and we used all of
that energy and money saved from emotionally divesting from pro-sports
to develop our communities and our Liberation Struggle….shiiiiidddd,
can you imagine?

But I know I’m just dreaming.  I know we ain’t
about to change our behaviors as it relates to pro-sports, hell, it
would be easier to get us off of Jesus and Allah.  

I know most
Black men, even the conscious ones will read this post and think that
I’ve been captured by the conspiracy to effeminize Black males for even
suggesting that we do anything less then fully invest our time, energy,
and emotions into overpaid Black men playing children games as our
communities go up in flames.  Hell they probably right, cuz I was raised
is a sports loving family of manly men and I just couldn’t get into
that shit.  I’d go to my grandmother’s room and watch nature documentaries
while my brother and uncles screamed at the TV and bonded over beer and
processed pork products.  So maybe it is me and not pro-sports.  

Anyway, who got the best Bucks at the NFL auction yesterday, and which
team of Privately owned Ball-Chasers are gonna win the World Series (that excludes 90% of the fucking world), oh wait, the NFL has the
Stupor Bowl, not World Series, sorry about that.