Was Angela Davis an agent? I’ve often seen comments on the internet claiming that she was, but I can’t seem to find any texts or sources that back this up.

I suspect that she was, it has been a long while since I’ve actually given attention to the issue. I know  Keidi Awadu (the Conscious Rasta) did reports on her treasonous actions, you can contact him for actual references.

I know there is no other Black Militant that has gone from the FBI’s most wanted list to tenured faculty at a prestigious university; that alone to me is suspicious. 

Both of the Jackson Brothers perished while engaging with Davis, and the millions that were raised for her defense, the funds that thousands of Black people and White Leftist donated to support her, just vanished, it was never ever accounted for.  That was stated publicly by Dr. John Henrik Clarke, and never disputed.

Today she’s at text book Ivory Tower Leftist, so she’s all but irrelevant to the Pan-African and Black Liberation Struggles from my point of view.  She still gets a lot of cache from her iconic images from the 60s, but I think she’s long abandoned our struggle for the fame and prestige the White Left has bestowed upon her.