What are your thoughts on George Soros Black Lives Matters “Movement”? What exactly is the end game?

George Soros (the Liberal multi-Billionaire) is not the founder of the #BlackLivesMatter movement; but he is one of dozens of outside forces that seek to control and direct the struggle.  But that’s nothing new, just as the “end game of the BLM movement is nothing new.

The end game is the same as it’s always been, unfortunalty; BLM seeks acknowlegement of our humanity from a System and people who’ve spent the last 300+ years denying our humnity.  BLM seeks integration with a System and a people who’ve only successfully integrated with us when we were in total subordination to their will and whims (just look at how Integrated we were during Chattel Slavery).  BLM seeks reforms from a System that constructs and imposed reforms that put Black people in worse conditions than the conditions we were protesting in the first damn place (from segregation to mass incarceration, #NewJimCrow).

Of course, just as in the Abolitionist Movement and the Civil Rights Movement, the BLM movement has some radical and Pan-African voices and agendas within it, but they seem to be buried by the New Negros in favor of pushing Integrationist reforms instead of Revolution.

I and many others were active long before BLM, and we are watching and working to advance it from protest to Pan-African organization and development. 

I don’t wish to see the BLM lost because it has provided many with a path into the larger struggle, but it’s up to us to make sure it dosen’t go the way of the CRM.  It’s not too late to turn things around in the BLM movement, not yet.