Will Police Now Start Profiling White Males?


Will police now start profiling White males? Will unarmed White male youth be shot by cops who get a paid vacation for there troubles? Will they be turn away from jobs and lose opportunities for housing because they are now seen as a Menace to Society? Will White males have to deal with suspicious stares when they enter public places, and have rent-a-cops follow them around stores?Will Oprah and Tyler Perry put out a bunch of movies depicting how violent, depraved, and self-destructive the White male is? Will young White males now be relegated to industries that emphasize their physical prowess and their musical talents; while being discouraged from perusing intellectual interest, or positions of power within the society?

Will we deem White males unfit to be productive members of the White family unit and give White women benefits and support if she is willing to break from him and keep him at a distance?

Should Black men and other minorities gather in random mobs and attack White males to insure that they know their place in society, and that they stay there? Will the government turn a blind eye, or even support these…,let’s call them: Garvey Mobs.

Will we begin to use coded language when dissing Whites like: “You are so Suburban!” or “Don’t make me get all rural up in here.” Maybe our rappers will begin telling White women that they are bitches and hoez, and that White men are the meth smoking, child abandoning, gun toting, gangstaz we all need to fear. Will blunts be replaced by meth pipes, and Armadale by moonshine

Or will the dominate powers isolate this and all of the past and future massacres committed by White males as isolated incidents that don’t mark or represent the rest of the Race?