CONSPIRACY TIME! Do you think Elijah Muhammad had W.D. Fard killed?

Short Answer: I have no Idea.  (If I had any good sense I’d stop here, but good sense ain’t one of my strongest attributes, LOL, so I’ll proceed with opinion and speculations based on the historical record, but it’s still speculation, I don’t claim to know the facts on this.)

Long Answer: Hmmmm, that’s a new one for me, I ain’t never heard this one.

If he did, then WD know it was happening and allowed it to because he was god manifest in flesh according to the teachings of the Nation of Islam.

I personally think that WD was an immigrant with many aliases; some say he was from Turkey, others try to tie him to the Nazi party (believe it or not). 

I think after the heat came down on him he simply migrated yet again, or switch aliases once again and faded into obscurity.

I don’t think EM had him killed because that was never EM’s style.  If you look at the murders, violence, and harassment coming out of the NOI against other Muslims or members of the Black community, none of it is tied directly to EM or his instructions (as far as I know).  But he’s blamed for the violence of the NOI because he was the founder and leader, and he’s often accused of creating a climate of violence; but no murders were ever tired directly to EM.

It could be that EM was just that slick, but I think that EM was not a crime boss, he was a Religions Leader, and conducted himself as one.

Malcolm X, when the NOI was attacking and harassing him, attributed it to “elements” in the NOI, not the whole organization; he did hold EM responsible because he thought EM had the power to stop the harassment but didn’t.

He said that the “criminals” has taken over the NOI, that the organization grew too fast for the organization to properly vet and train up the new members, so they brought much of the prison and street culture into the operations of the NOI; because prisons and the streets were fertile recruitment grounds for the NOI. (Just study NOI in Philadelphia; and its connection to the Black Mafia, EM had not part in all of that.)

MX also stated that he was not able to contact EM and that those around him kept them apart to prevent settlement of their differences.  He also said that the FBI has “thoroughly infiltrated the NOI” and that the NOI didn’t do anything without the FBI knowing about it, so If EM was ordering executions I’m sure the government could have incarcerated him again….or not, depending on their own agendas.

If the NOI did do WD in I don’t think EM ordered the move.  No one knows the true fate of WD, or if they do they ain’t told us outsiders.  I think he found a new hustle or retired from the game and settled into one of his many aliases and lived out his life; in the nation of his birth, I suspect.  I am just speculating, cuz I have yet to come across anything but speculations about his fate.

I do think the NOI profited from WD’s mysterious fate cuz it feeds their assertions about his “otherworldlyness,” like many Holy Men and Gods who’ve come to earth who have mysterious origins and fates. So if his fate is known to the NOI, it’s in their interest to keep it cloudy or buried. 

Finally We are talking about a (racially ambiguous) man who identified as Muslim and non-White in the 1930s, so there are many, many, many ways for an individual like that to disappear; in 1930s America; hell, we got Black folks and Muslims being disappeared in America today.  So, we shouldn’t be too spooked or ready to blame EM anyway. 

I should confess, despite my anti-Religion stance that I have great respect and admiration for Elijah Muhammad, without him we would not have had a Black Power Struggle, there would have been no Black Militant Nationalism, no Black Panther Party, not Black Liberation Army, no Republic of New Africa, etc; in my view.  EM played a major role in breaking the spell Whites had over Black minds, calling the White man the Devil was a monumental proclamation for us, even now.  EM gave us Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Khalid Muhammad, and many others, especially Black militant professionals and activist. If not for EM the Black Power struggled would have died with Garvey’s exile; in my opinion.  For many decades the NOI was a spawning ground for Black militancy and many great Black Nationalist; it also forced many of our Negro Organizations to move further to the Left in order to sustain legitimacy in the Black community. So, shout out to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.