Okay I read your piece on Alternative Lifestyle people and how the thieves of the world look at them. Of course I’m just summarizing what the piece was about, but that is not why I’m typing this message/question. I want to know 1 while I know that some of our people are “programmed” or “choose” to be active paparticipantsf an alternative lifestyle but how can you equate their “struggle” and “plight” with our systematic oppression? I have more questions but I’m out of characters

This is a little confusing, I have an alternative lifestyle: I’m Vegan, my wife and I home-birth and “home” school our children, we use bikes a a major form of conveyance, we grow much of our own food, we are atheist; there is so much about my family that separates us from the mainstream, we are alternative as fuck! LOL!

But I don’t think you are talking about us, I suspect you are talking about Gay folks, the LGBTQ population, right?  I’m not sure why you are saying Alt-Lifestyle, I guess it’s related to the original post you mentioned.  

Anyway, I’m gonna assume I’m right that you are talking about Black LGBTQs and move from there; also, I’m just gon gloss over your “programmed or choose” part too, cuz ain’t nobody got time to even….LOL!  #WannaBeStartingSomthin

As far as their struggle and plight being equal to Black oppression, it’s true for Black LGBTQs, their struggle is not only equal to all other Blacks, it’s compounded; meaning that; not only do Blacks who are LGBTQ have all the same oppression as we do, they have added internal and external oppression and discrimination that targets them solely based on their Alt-lifestyle.  

Now, Black LGBTQs are not the only Black demographic that deals with “compounding oppression,” Black women do as well, cuz they have to deal with external racism/sexism/oppression, they also have to deal with internal sexism and misogyny.  Poor Blacks also contend with compounding oppression beyond the Black that middle-class and affluent Blacks, disabled Blacks, elderly Blacks, Black children, etc. had have their own compounding oppression. 

Now, I don’t play Oppression Bingo (trying to figure out which population within a larger population is most or more oppressed), but acknowledging how oppression affects or compounds on particular groups or individuals within our community is not Oppression Bingo, nor does it invalidate or reduce your plight Homie.

In fact acknowledging the compounding oppression of other Blacks give weight to your own efforts to overcome oppression in general…, just as trying to add to the compounding oppression of other Blacks only reinforces oppression in general.  Revolution/Liberation is an all or nothing struggle.  

Now, you may feel that the LGBTQs are deserving of their compounding oppression due to their “choices” or inability to resist their “programming,” even if that’s the case, that don’t mean they don’t suffer as we do, with added suffering on top of that.  

I don’t think it’s appropriate to persecute consenting adults due to how and who they fuck; well, I figured that out after I overcame my own Judaeo-Christian “programming.” But that’s another story. #RecoveringBlackPuritan   

As far as White LGBTQs, their plight is not similar than ours, but their solutions are; they seek to integrate with the system that formally excluded them through protest and policy reform.  So, the Gay Rights Movement and the Civil Rights Movement do have many overlaps even though White LGBTQs are not the same, and are often just as Racist as their CisHet Racekin.