When you say you’re a vegan, do you also mean you’re an ethical vegan meaning you use no animal based products at all? You also don’t eat fish? Why?

I’m a strict dietary Vegan, I’m a practicing ethical Vegan but not as strict.  I don’t eat any non-Vegan foods, or put any non-Vegan products on my body; but I have some non-Vegan products such as leather shoes.  Most of my shoes are “Vegan” but I do have some leather shoes.

I wouldn’t buy a leather jacket, or cashmere, or even wool, I don’t go to circuses that use animals in the acts, I would never go to a place like Sea World, but I take my children to the local zoo, I don’t pay to go to zoos, but it’s free and open.  I inform my children about the issues with zoos, but I’m not going to deny them the vist.  So….there you have it, I have little issues like that.  I do what I can but I’m not as fanatical as I should be about non-dietary Veganism, but I’m getting there.

I don’t eat fish because fish are not Vegan food sources, hell, they are not even healthy or fit for human consumption.

My Veganism is based in my politics, desire for justice, and my support for environmentalism, and animal rights; it’s also a healthier lifestyle that will allow me to actively engage the Struggle longer than I would be able to if I consumed the Standard American Diet.