To the Afrocentric Bill Boosters.

got some Afrocentric Liberals who are crying about me reproducing the
cover sotry in the Daily News calling Pill Cosby “America’s Rapist.”  

They think it hurts us all because a treasured Black man is being
branded America’s Rapist is a reflection on all Black men (as if Black
men haven’t been demonized in the media before this, and as if Pill
Cosby hasn’t fully supported and validated that demonetization of Black
men, women, and children for the last 3 fucking decades).

I can
see New Negros talking that shit, trying to be slick and pretend taht
it’s about all of us instead of about one traitorous Negro Elitist, but
how the hell Black folks with African names, with African garb, with
supposed African Consciousness coming to me crying about that headline
and my reposing of it.

Well, I’m gon share my position on the
headline and White folks attempts to brand Cosby as “America’s Rapist,”
with everyone so I can dead any more of you Afrocentric, superficial
unity, Pill Cosby sympathizing Liberal Black folks come crying tears to
me about Cosby and pretending that his fate or circumstances are tied to
the rest of us.  

I really think yall some dumb muthafuckas, cuz
Pill Cosby told us we can no longer “Black our problems on the White
man,” we can’t call out Racism, Slavery, Drug Wars, Police Brutality,
Biochemical attacks, etc: Cosby said it was all on us and all our fault.
 Then yall turn around and cry about “the White man bringing Cosby
down; WTF, show some self respect.  Show some base level of self fucking
respect and respect for the standing and dignity of your own fucking

Anyway, here my response to the Afrocentric Bill Boosters
who pretend we should support, and by sympathetic to Cosby out of some
warped notion of Black Unity:

"We are the only people who support
or have sympathy for traitors. Other Races and nations execute
traitors, they jail them, the send them into exile; but we pretend that
we have to have unity with traitors. That’s why we produce so many
fucking  traitors, because we don’t have the basic self respect to hold
our own to any standard.

Why be loyal to the Black Race, I can
spend my life fucking over Blacks, then as soon as I get into trouble,
sympathetic, or just pathetic Blacks will rally around me. Fuck that.

If that’s Black unity, I want no part in it.

I’m only down for Principled Unity, I’m down for accountability, I’m
down for throwing traitors to the wolfs as a lesson for other would-be
traitors. If you can’t get with that, then we have no grounds for unity.
Take that weak, superficial unity elsewhere.

I know the message
being communicated here, and I know the tactics of our enemy, and Cosby
should be a lesson to us all, we don’t need to shy away from conflict we
need to engage.

If you didn’t have an issue with this Negro
begin "America’s Dad,” then STFU when the same people who labeled him
the “daddy of America,” flip on his ass and label him “America’s

If you read and understand the whole point you’d see
that I said we should have Exposed, Isolated, and Expelled this Negro
decades ago; that way there would be no confusion about him, and his
relationship to the Race. But yall gon rally, cry, and demand that
Whites not do this to him because he represents us?!?! If he represents
you, then you are a supporter of not just Rape but of Black treason and
self-rejection. So don’t cry to me.

We need to start thinking and
functioning as a Nation of People, not a Mass of Oppressed Minorities.
Don’t cry about what they put in their media, use counter-propaganda and
counter-indoctrination methods and protocols. Damn!

I’m sick of remedial work and teaching, we need to grow the fuck up.“

you damn Afrocentirc Liberals, the America’s Rapist line was a
conscious distortion and jab at his former title of "America’s Dad,” the
Coon is no more America’s Rapist, than he was America’s Dad; even White
folks know that.  So put the fucking headline in the proper context.

tear down poor Blacks in the media every fucking day and I don’t see
yall speaking up about it.  Yall not down for Black people, you down for
the Black Elites, like a bunch of fucking Serf.  Stop trying to
disguise your Celebrity worship as Black Unity, I can see through that shit.  

Also,  here’s who the White tabloid media said was the #1 Rapist in America: