What avenues can you recommend for the pan-africanist intersted in psychology and helping others heal from trauma on an individual and collective level? Thanks..

From a radical point of view, you want to go to the source of the trauma, not just target the symptoms of trauma. 

The sources of our Trauma are the Systems & Institutions of Global White Domination and Capitalism.

So, even if you are the best psychologist or psychotherapist for every African you heal the System will produce 1000 more traumatized Africans, while re-traumatizing the ones you’ve healed in the process.  

So, the Radical Solution is to use your skills and training to target/analyze/ID the vulnerabilities of the Systems; to equip, orient, and motivate other Africans to target the Systems, while you work to heal trauma.  It all has to happen simultaneously.  Fight Mentacide & Liberate the Masses.

The two most powerful entities within the Systems and Institutions of White Domination are the military and multinational corporations, and between the two of they employ and fund millions of psychologist!  Psychologies are intellectual warriors, because the struggle for the African mind is at the core of sustaining our oppression or ending oppression for all.  

The problem is too many Black psychologists go to Work while many White psychologist go to War.

I was invited to the Black Psychologist Association of Chicago a few years ago, while I have a presentation on how to reorient our people, how to revolutionize our communities and cultures the PhDs in the room were fixated on sagging pants. Literally, the first question I was asked after my presentation was “what does your organization do about these boys and their sagging pants.”  I told them that we ignore sagging pants, to try to move the conversation back to the real issues, but that just didn’t work.

So, Black psychologies, as a whole need to work on themselves and each other before they can be real assessment to the Black community and our liberation struggles.   

Fortunately there are many Revolutionary psychologists and psychological scholars to refererence, research, and build on.  

Dr. Bobby E. Wright
Dr. Wade B. Nobles
Dr. Amos N. Wilson
Dr. Marimba Ani
Dr. Jacob Carruthers
Dr. Francis Cress Welsing
Dr. Kobi Kambon
Dr. Naim Akbar
Dr. Franz Fanon

There are many more, but these individuals will get you off to a good start.

In era of mass indoctrination and intensive 24/7/365 propaganda psychologist are more crucial than ever.  We have for so long neglected this aspect of the Struggle, it ain’t just about healing it’s about ending the sources of affliction.  

We have yet to fully engage in Counter Propaganda, Counter Indoctrination, and Psychological Warfare and Psychological Counter Measures against our Oppressors.  So, you that should be your trajectory as a psychological professional, from a Pan-African Perspective