Why do a lot of whites think that America is some liberal jew communist conspiracy when America was founded by conservative principles and is still a conservative, war mongering, poor people hating, slave holding shithole? Also why do they pretend that jews aren’t white? Why do these whites think they are victims? Are they just too stupid to understand the world they live in or is it some other shit? Tell us what you think from a pan african perspective.


Whites have been unloading the blame for the ills of Western/White society on Jews long before the first Pilgrim murdered his first Native or raped his first African.

It goes all the way back to the Roman Empire, and was kicked into high-gear when Emperor Constantine declared one of the many Jesus Cults to be the official religion of the Empire in 312BCE; there’s a shit load of history there, but there’s a couple of constants from then to now: 1. The White masses have used Jews as a scapegoat instead of blaming the incompetence, greed, and hyper-exploitation of their own elites for their social, cultural, and economic woes, and 2. The Jews have been very savvy at cozying up to established power, and playing the villain or victim when it suits their interest.  

The Jews were tolerated and useful for Roman Emperors, Medieval Monarchs, Communist Strongmen, Latin American Dictators and US Presidents (esp in the Post WWII era).  Again, this history is long and complex and really hard to suss out because of the anti-antisemitism and irrationality that saturates the documented history.  Even if you are not anti-Jew, or anti-semitic simply articulating the recorded history will have you labeled a Nazi, an anti-Semite, or a self-hating Jew (if you Jewish).  

But when you review the history of European Jews, honestly, a lot of contemporary society and power dynamics become so much clearer.  But we ain’t got the time and space for that here.

The US is not a Jewish Conspiracy, the Nation of Israel does not run the world, nor does it dictate US policy.  European Jews don’t own all the media, they have not been behind all the wars in modern history, they are not the Reptilian Overlords, the Illuminati Rulers, or even Satanic Masons erecting Satan’s Kingdom on earth.

I know it’s really convenient for people who don’t like to engage in real research or critical thought to have a Race/Religion/Culture/Ethnic Group to heap all of the blame on, but the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination are more complex and diverse than that.  

Judaism is a religion; of which you will find Africans, Asians, Arabs, and Europeans participating.  That’s it, hell, you could be a Jew tomorrow, anyone to can convert to Judaism, or exist the faith, just like any other Religion.  It’s based on a fictional God and a bunch of dumbass rituals and dogmas written down in a crazy old book, just like any other organized (Western) religions. Jews are not a Race.

Now, even though Jews are not a Race, and can come from any Race or nationality, there are particular White cultural and ethnic groups who’ve embraced the “Old World” faith of Judaism, and like all things White folks get into; they came to colonize, dominate, dictate, and distort the Religion (just like when they embrace the (African) myths/folklore/dogmas that they morphed into Christianity and Islam).

These Whites who embraced Judaism came to be know as European Jews, and this White grouping within the larger White populations began to segment even further.

Ashkenazi Jews are the most populous and the group most blamed for being the secret rulers and manipulators of humanity.  

The reality is, like I said, White Power is diverse, consisting of White/Aryan Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even Atheist (or Secular) Elites.  They have both common interest and divergent interest, they often work together and they often fight, or force us to fight and die for them.  

But let’s move on….

People assert that Jews are not White because White is a fluid designation. There was a time when the Spaniards, the Italians, the Slavic Peoples, the Russians, and even the Irish (the pale Irish!!) were not considered White. There was also a time when Black skinned East Indians were classified as White or Caucasian, when Arabs and many Asians were classified as White, and even up to today Whites wanna designate the Ancient Egyptians as White. The European nation of Turkey is still waiting for it’s application into Whiteness to be approved.  LOL!

So, don’t rest too hard on the fact that many Whites don’t consider Jews Whites, they all come from the same cultural, historical, and genetic stock, even though the Zionist try to hide that cuz they wanna pretend they from the Middle East. 

Jews, and their mass murder under the Third Reich is prominent in history and society because it serves the interest of the White Elites to acknowledge their plight.  Jewish Victimization is not the first, the greatest, or even the last mass, systematic murder of a racial/ethnic/cultural/religious group; but the winners of WWII use the Jewish Holocaust to justify neo-colonialism, and the imposition of capitalism across the non-Western World.  

If the Nazis won WWII we’d be talking about all those people who died at the hand of British and French Imperialism, the Holocaust that took place during the establishment of United States, we’d see movies about the horrors committed by the Allied forces that the heroism of the Axis powers.  The winners write history and hand pick the worthy victims.

We don’t even acknowledged all of the victims of the Nazis cuz it’s not politically advantageous to the Western Elites to do so, the Nazis killed more Slavs than Jews, 20million Slavic civilians were systematically wiped out compared to the 6million Jews, and Hitler stated that he hated Slavs more than Jews in Mein Kampf.  There are Genocidal Holocaust taking place in Amazon Rainforest, the Congo, Indonesia, Central America, etc; and the same societies that weep over the Jewish Holocaust are funding and profiting from modern Genocides.

So, just like all things under Capitalism and White Domination, suffering is a commodity, and has little to no connection to who’s really endured systematic injustice and who hasn’t.  

The Elites ain’t stupid, the are masters of mass indoctrination and propaganda, the masses tend to focus on immediate concerns and lack the time and resources to really dissect this shit, they just go with the flow.  That’s why we need Revolutionaries, it’s our job to engage, inform, motivate, mobilize, and organize the masses.