They Ain’t preppring for Terroist or Radicals, They are Setting All this Up for the Rest of You…


You docile obedient citizens of the US who think that the US is militarizing all local police departments, eroding civil liberties, and creating a total digital/camera/satellite surveillance network across the whole nation for the so-called “Terrorist,” or ideological militants like me, are sadly mistaken.

It ain’t about Radicals like me, I’m a lost cause as far as the Power Structure is concerned; and they know that the vast majority of their Human Resources will not only ignore me, but attack me for the positions I take.

They are doing all of this for you, for you who love God and Country, you who have no intentions to break the laws or question authority. You who vote when told to vote, work when told to work, consume when allowed to consume, and eat what corporations process and make available to you with no resentment or hostility.

They are prepping for yall, they know they are going to have to contain the outrage of the Human Resources when this system is no longer able to bribe and manipulate you into passivity and obedience, the system will move to beat and constrain you into obedience.

When the NASCAR Rednecks, the Striving New Negros, the White Middle-Class Drones, the Urban Poor Mass Consumers, and all the rest of the indoctrinated demographics, when yall finally are forced to face they reality that your TVs, devices, and your cheap consumer goods hide from you, shits is gonna hit the fan for real.

But when that time comes you will have assisted the White Elite in creating your open air cages, and they will slam the fucking door shut…and lock it.

The cage is still under construction and there is still a small amount of time to smash it, link with your local Radicals, or begin to cultivate your own radicalism and build a Revolutionary Organization from the ground up, then link regionally, nationally, and globally, and take back everything that the Elite have stolen, including your life.

If not, you may see people like be get snatched up, locked up, or even killed, but rest assured, you and your loved ones will not be far behind.

Oh, and all of this is happening as the very life sustaining systems of this planet are being destroyed by the same system that defines and utilizes you as a Human Resource.

There’s no excuse for not Rebelling in this Era, none!


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