Hello ! I am am 27 year old black male who lives in Europe (not by choice) ! Now my question is what happens when we as africans are succesfull in the pan african movement while we gain more power,wealth etc…? I understand that the White Elites are responsible for all the mess and atrocities they created in this world but I fear the White Masses more then ever will the revert back like their ancestors who killed the natives americans and other non White Populations through out the world ?

Your question has many segments. 

As for what happens when the Pan-African movement is successful, it quite simple; we go about our natural evolutionary path, the path that was disrupted by Islamic and European invasions, the Slave Trade, colonization, and neo-colonilism and ecocide.  We work to repair the ecological damage done by a few centuries of Western industrialization and capitalism, we return the stolen resources and artifacts to the people who were robbed of their cultural and economic wealth, and we reorient human intelligence and creativity away from consumption and dominance back to collective development, justice, and balance. 

Global White domination has been do destructive over it’s extremely short lifespan that it will take generations to repair that damage, even after we have removed it from the face of the earth. 

As far as the White masses returning to their genocidal ways of the past, that’s not possible, because you can’t return to something you never left.

White Aggression has changed in form, but it has not gone away.  The Native Americans are still under a genocidal campaign, in the US they are in concentration camps called reservations, in Central and South America the Natives are still shot on site in many areas, and put in mass graves when they stand in the way of “Corporate Development.” 

White Aggression is still being imposed across the globe, in the Black communities in US, and every where else.  They are still doing cruel medical experimentation on POCs in the US, in Europe, and across the globe.  They are still lynching people, mutilating them, cutting off their genitals, and celebrating the atrocity; from Iraq to Libya to prisons in the US; you find evidence of lynchings of POCs. 

White Aggression is better hidden, it employs sophisticated technology, it often more psychological than physical; but it’s still with us in the same intensity as it was when they “killed the Native Americans.”

I know my response will not satisfy you because what you are actually inquiring about is open Race war, or Racial attacks, not the clandestine or legally justified White Aggression taking place in prisons or imperial war zones.

You are correct to suspect that as their Systems collapse White Aggressors will become more blatant in their Racial attacks. 

I’ve articulated this often.

I stated that the US is one economic or ecological calamity away from Bosnian-style ethnic cleaning campaign against Blacks and other targeted minority groups. A significant segment of Whites have been prepping for a (one sided) Race War since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and they are well armed; while Blacks have no interest in a Race War, nor have we armed ourselves for such an event; the few Blacks who do are shunned by the larger Black community, and labeled crazy.

Here’s the problem though; Western Industrial Societies are doomed, they are already in various stages of collapse already, they are collapsing under their own contradictions and corruption.  Whites have never accepted blame for the fall of their societies and they have always targeted vulnerable minorities for slaughter when their systems fall.

We can’t avoid this, even if we submit and refuse to oppose White Domination. 

We don’t even oppose White Domination because we think it will go on if we don’t, we oppose White Domination to expedite its inevitable collapse so that there’s a viable world left in the wake of its downfall.

We also need to counter the current forms of White Racist Aggression and prepare for when that Aggression is escalated, or manifest in the form of open warfare against Black people; that’s just another segment of the larger struggle.

Remeber, organization is more effective than arms at this juncture.  Don’t get caught up with the gun toting Black militants who don’t have any programs on the ground, who lack tact or a well formulated plan-of-action.  We need to engage in State-Craft and Nation Building, not satisfy macho fantasies of winning some grand Race War with insane White Nationalist.

Revolution is a process, not an event. 

I wish I could say more; perhaps in the future.  Thank you for your question and Forward in your efforts.