Advice to Black Capitalist from a Pan-African Socialist.

The Key to success in Capitalism is Exploitation and Displacement.

If you want to rise up in this System you must Exploit and Displace humans, animals, and ecosystems.

It’s rather obvious who Europeans displaced and exploited to gain their seats at the helm of Capitalism.

The Chinese didn’t have the option of creating a global empire as they elevated in Capitalism (they were/are held at bay by the nuclear armed White Capitalist), so they subjected millions of their own people to (wage and chattel) slavery get a foothold in the Capitalist hierarchy, they’ve also displaced millions more of their own, and destroyed some of the most diverse ecosystems in Asia.

India also used it’s sick tradition of Caste to get it’s foot hold in the Capitalist hierarchy. They pretty much followed the same path as the Chinese; and now that China and India got some nukes too, they are branching out to African, South America and the rest of Asia, but still working hard to avoid direct confrontations with the King Capitalist; Nuclear Armed White Nations.

Brazil is working like hell to get into the game, the World Cup and Olympics will be Brazil coming out party as a Capitalist player nation, if they can sustain their suppression of the Black and Native masses of that land. The US also wants to set up Colombia as a regional Capitalist power too, to attenuate Venezuela’s and Cuba’s influence in the Latin World; but shit ain’t working out too well for the Capitalist, it will be interesting to see how it plays out (I do have theories), if not for the “War on Terror” the White Capitalist would have invaded South America years ago, but that’s a whole nutha discussion.

So, if Black people want to play this sick game, yall gon need to find a vulnerablen external population to exploit and displace, or identify a large segment of our own people yall are willing to subject to slavery and displacement; yall can’t pick the Blacks Whites still have in bondage tho, stealing slaves is an act of War in Capitilism, and I know you Negro Capitalist don’t wanna bump heads with White folks.

So when a Black Capitalist tries to sell us on this economic system, they are trying to exploit and displace the rest of us, or convince some of us to join them in doing the same to others.

All that Hard Work, Ingenuity, Intelligence, and Morality that they try to tie into Capitalistic is a lie, a major fucking lie. None of that will guarantee you success. The notion that Capitalism creates wealth is also a lie, it steals and concentrates wealth.

If you believe the myths about Capitalism you will not rise within Capitalism, you gotta deal with the facts and be willing to be a fucking Human Parasite if you wanna succeed in Capitalism.

Just thought I’d share that, good luck Black Capitalist.