Thoughts on Che Guevara? And I guess thoughts on Fidel Castro too, since those two men are indelibly connected by history and their comradeship.

Che is complex, in his final guerrilla campaign in Bolivia, he violate many of the  Revolutionary principles that made him successful, and that he taught in his writings and speeches; especially in his manual on ‘Guerrilla Warfare.’

I fully respect Che’s contributions to humanity, and the lessons he left for we who continue to organize and struggle for liberation. 

I think Castro is one of these rare combinations of Warrior and Statesman.  His governance and maintenance of the Cuban Revolution are incredible.  He is one of the greatest statesman in history.  He even acknowledged the rampant Racism in Cuba and attempted, unsuccessfully to legislate it out of the culture, which never works but is still admirable considering Latin America’s record on Race, which is abysmal, even for the Leftist administrations in Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

I encorage all Pan-Africanist to study the Cuban Revolution and the history and teachings of Che and Castro; they have much to teach us, we have much to learn from their sucesses and their mistakes.