Can a non racist poor White Person who may have sympathy with oppressed people still be a White Supremacist ?


Yes you can, absolutely.  

I’m sure you’ll be glad or saddened to know that you don’t even need to be White to be a White Supremacist.  

There are many non-Racist, Liberal, Progressive, Multicultural White Supremacist out there.

Racism and White Domination are incestuous brothers and sisters but they are not the same.  

Only White people can be Racist, because only White people constructed, control, and sustain the Systems, Institutions, Protocols, and Power to oppress, discriminate, execute, and exploit people base solely on their racial heritage or phenotype.  Blacks don’t have that power (we dont’ have that mentality either). #Yurugu

But White Supremacist are those who view Toxic Wester Culture, and the Toxic Western Way of viewing and engaging the world as Supreme, as most preferable.  

There are Black people who hate Whites, who reject Racism, but they still embrace Western Cultural Standards and Norms, they just tend to drape their Western Standards and Norms under Black/African rhetoric and aesthetics. 


 I call these individuals Black Puritans (and a bunch of other clever names).

You’ll have Afrocentric Blacks who think that men should dominate women, that Capitalism is the best economic system, who think Western/Austrian schooling is the best way to teach children, that private ownership of land is just and appropriate, etc.  All that shit and more is White, and people who embrace it while rejecting or attacking all other ways of relating to the world and other people are White Supremacist.

Barack Obama is a White Supremacist, so is the Farrahkan.  They both embrace Western (Christian/Muslim/Patriarchal/Militarist/Capitalist) standards and world views.  BO just supports the Status Quo, whereas Farrakhan wants a Black Male Dominated Western-style power structure. (Oh, and Islam is Western/White.  It’s as imperialist, sexist, violent, and oppressive…., oh and colonizing and enslaving as Christianity.  Again, Islam and Christianity are warning, incestuous cousins, not opposites.)

I know it can get confusing, but White Domination if the world makes no sense, so much of the shit that comes out of it is crazy and confusing.  

So, with all your White poverty, and all of your sympathy for the suffering of the Blacks/Browns/Yellows/Reds you can still contribute to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  The Systems and Institutions of White Domination even allow for the participation of Blacks/Browns/Yellows/Reds now, so you can even have multiracial White Supremacy. 


They only way your (I’m assuming) poor and sympathetic White ass can truly be anti-White Supremacist is to not pat yourself on the back because you have the basic human sentiment of sympathy for the suffering of the oppressed masses of the world; we can’t do shit with White Sympathy; you gotta fight like hell to dismantle the Systems, Institutions, and Infrastructure of White Global Domination and Capitalism.  

Also, don’t do that shit for Black people or any other Race, do if for yourself, your family, those you love and care about because this is an Omnicidal System they will kill you and all you hold dear after it’s done killing us…or before, depending on where you reside.  

You can only avoid being a White Supremacist if you commit your life, talents, and resources to fighting White Domination.  

Link with Black Bloc Anarchist, or Deep Green Resistance, or the Earth Liberation Front, or the Animal Liberation Front.  If you ain’t that radical yet hook up with the Revolutionary Communist Party, or even the Green Party. There are Whites, or groups of Whites who are targeting White Supremacy, hook up with them.  That way you can be an ally of not just POCs, but of all life forms and living systems on earth; by fighting Global White Domination along side other Whites (or multiculturals) who fight that shit.