Do eastern european countries and colonial settler nations like Australia and New Zealand exploit Africa’s natural resources as well ?

Eastern European countries just recently became Capitalist during the early 1990s, they don’t have the imperial infrastructure to engage in exploitation of Africa or any other nations, most of them are under Capitalist and Western exploitation themselves.  

Russia generally limited its imperialism to neighboring nations, the Soviet Bloc nations, and tended to ally with African nations, or armed factions in more equitable deals, because Russia and the USSR under communism also lacked the capacity to exploit Africa as the West had been doing for  prior to the Communist Revolution because the USSR was under constant attack from the West to subvert its Communist Revolution.  

Tsarists Russia  was aggressively imperialist, just like the Western Oligarchs, but they focused on Asia, and Central Europe. The Tsar even held territory in North America (Alaska), but it had no African colonies.

That doesn’t mean that Russia isn’t Racist.  There were a rash of attacks against Black Cuban students who traveled to Russia to study when Cuba was allied with the USSR during the Cold War; and there are many White Nationalist groups in Russia today, but they were not tolerated during the Soviet Era.

Australia and New Zealand are client states of the US and Western Powers, so it has simply cooperated and coordinated its efforts with the West.  Australian and New Zealand corporations and Elites do exploit Africa, generally on the heals of the Western European and US exploits. NZ and Au also contribute to the maintenance of Global White Domination, they are defined as  “Global Partners” in NATO which is a very accurate title.  NZ and Au don’t direct the Global White Empire, but they play a role in the it and they profit form it.  

The Bottom line is; All First World Nations Exploit Africa and Profit from Africa’s Exploitation. 

If you want more insights about the kinda Racist, Imperialist bullshit that Au, and to a lesser extent NZ get up to; follow the journalist and film maker John Pilger. Dr. Helen Coldicott is also a good sources of such info from time to time.  They are two Australians who are honest about the exploits of their nations and the Western Powers in general.