Pan-Africanism & the Unlearned Lessons of Black History.

What did we take away from the unkempt promises of American reconstruction, and the betrayal of the White Abolitionists after our Emancipation?

What did we take away from the Subversion of the UNIA and expulsion of Marcus Garvey by the US Government?

What did we take away from the infiltration and dilution of the Civil Rights Movement by White Liberals, and their handpicked House Negros?

How did we respond to the multiple assassinations, false incarcerations, and expulsion of our Revolutionary leadership and organizers in the 1960s?

What did we learn from the subversion of our Black Nationalist, Black Liberation, and Pan-African Organizations by COINTELPRO?

What have we taken away from the 200+ Urban Riots and Uprisings during the Radical Era of the 1960s?

How did we change our collective behaviors after discovering the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, or learning about the HIV Vaccine being tested on healthy Black children in NYC foster care leading to their deaths, or the medical atrocities outlined in Acres of Skin; or the countless other experimental and medical atrocities committed against us?

What do we understand about the missed opportunities in the Decolonization Movements, and the current Recolonization and rape of Africa by Asia and the West?

How did we respond to the revelation of the US Government’s complicity in flooding the Black community with drugs and weapons at the same time the capitalist were implementing Deindustrialization of the Urban Production Centers? See: Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion

What did we do as the Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton Administrations implement a genocidal program of Mass Incarceration against Black youth, criminalizing generations of Black youth with the signing of pieces of paper?

What did we implement after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, yet again demonstrated that the US government is unwilling or unable to aid us in times of calamity, hell, or in times of relative stability; we still dwell in chaos and dysfunction.

What did we learn after the US and other nations descended on Haiti after the earthquake only to exploit and compound their suffering, while killing over 8000+ Haitians by introducing a deadly strand of Cholera to the nation.

What has been learned from the exclusion of millions of Afro-Latinos from positions of power within Central and South American even tho that make up the majority in many of these regional and local democracies?

How did we respond to yet another expulsion of Black Indians from a Tribal Nation here in the US? (See: Cherokee Expels Black Natives.)

What are we doing as Economic Ethnic Cleansing (euphemistically called: Gentrification) is depopulating all the major cities in the US of their Black residents?

What did we do as the Capitalist captured, contaminated, depoliticized, and commodified yet another form of Revolutionary Black Expression (Hip Hop) right in front of our very faces?

Why have we not push the issue of the Catholic Church’s rampant sexual abuse of Black children in Africa and Latin America, were the offenses against the children and the power of the Pedophilic Catholic Church is still very strong and growing?

What about the ongoing Chattel Slavery going on in Arab Occupied North Africa, and the rapes and molestation taking place there, especially in the Quranic Schools and Madrasas’ in Arab Occupied North Africa. (See: Silent Terror by Sam Cotton)

What is understood about the many under reported Racial attacks and expulsions from communities by Hispanics against Black people on the West Coast, and other communities where Hispanics are the emerging Majority?

What are we learning from the current Ebola Crisis, and the West’s mobilization to entrench its military forces further into Central and West Africa using the crisis as cover?

What resources have we put into finding the 64,000 missing Black girls and women here in the US, or the epidemic of abduction of Black children by the State through the Child Protection Agencies, and other groups, or the epidemic of child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking across the globe?

What are we doing as we see the US pay reparations to former enemy nations and hostile racial groups, but sees Black Reparations as an ongoing joke, even though we’ve been the most loyal and patriotic demographic in the US since our Emancipation?

Seriously; our history keeps demonstrating to the Global African Community that we are unwanted and unvalued in the lands of our Oppressors.

All Africans all over the world are united; united in oppression and desegregation, and we will be united in oppression until we wise up and get Globally United for Liberation.

I see so little serious analysis and even less serious organization of Black people to deal with Black issues to the exclusion of anyone or anything else.

We can’t even acknowledge that we have Black/African issues, we have to mold our shit into multiracial, multicultural, multiethnic, multi-every-muthafuckan-thing; noting Strictly Black or African, like it’s a sin for us to do for us.

Every fucking day I have Black people coming to me about “Black & Brown issues,” or “Gay Issues,” or “Feminist Issues,” or “Social Justice Issues,” or “Middle-East Issues,” we on deck for every movement but we will not even acknowledge a need for a Pan-African Movement! The very few of us who do acknowledge this need are often on Integrationist, capitalistic, repeat-the-same-shit-that-didn’t-work-decades-ago bullshit. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

If you ain’t talking Pan-Africanism, fundamental, radical analysis and pragmatic solutions with workable timelines, and verifiable/tangible outcomes; then don’t waste your time, all that rest of this ACTivism, proTEST, and DEMOstrations are just like running on a historical, political, economic Hamster wheel; you ain’t gon get nowhere.

If we ain’t learned nothing over the last 3 centuries, we should have learned that Revolution is the Only Solution. We need to target problems and solve them, it’s that simple; from the many parasitic businesses in Black community, to the pandemic of chronic disease, to the substandard education our children recieve; we have the resources and justification to attack these and all our other problems, we just lack the Will and Organization; let’s secure them and move people.

We need to Revolutionize our existing organizations or form new ones. If we don’t make this the African Century, than I suspect we will not get another shot at Total and Permanent Liberation.

Also, if the Pan-African and Conscious community keeps failing to mobilize, build and sustain the Revolutionary momentum of the Black community when it rises us and demands justices; then we will continue to, and deserve to lose legitimacy within our communities.