What were some of the problems that blacks faced at the time of the great depression and how did it effect us in our struggle?

There was an old joke about how Black people didn’t know there was a Great Depression until they say Wall Street raining White men.  

But there’s a more accurate saying from that era the goes; “when White people catch a cold Black people catch a pneumonia.” 

Tragically, both of those assessments have a ring of truth.  Black people in the years leading up to, and the decades following the Great Depression have endured GD levels of poverty, economic instability, housing instability, food insecurity, social alienation, etc.  

But it also compounds when Whites are “goin through it” because Whites consistently embark or murderous rampages against Blacks wherever they experience any level of economic, political, social, or cultural insecurity or downturns, always.  

If you look at the history of recorded lynching (which we have to know are very conservative, because it was Racist White collecting the data about the crimes of other Racist Whites); but even with their cooked numbers we see ballooning of lynchings, organized and mass White aggression, and expulsions of Blacks, and entire Black communities.  

Whites didn’t intensify their Racist Aggression against Blacks during the GD, but during the economic downturns and recessions that preceded the GD. During the Depressions of 1807, or 1821.  The Economic Panics of late 1800s. There was even a Depression a decades before the Great Depression!  There were even increase of Racist attacks aginst “minorities” during the Reagan era of Stagflation, and Bush’s Housing Collapse and Obama’s Great Recession. 

Lynching and White Aggression spike and plateau along with the US Stock Market and Job Market.

So, not only did Blacks have do deal with crippling poverty, worse than what the Whites endured, we had to deal with their pathological aggression against us as we starved and struggle in Capitalist America.  I’m not asserting that Whites didn’t engage in Racist Aggression during boom times, it’s just that they intensified during bust times. 

When FDR began to implement New Deal Reforms to bring the US out of the GD, Blacks were left out even though we suffered more….just like under Obama’s Economic Recovery.  When Black representatives and organizers were finally able to convince the FDR administration to allocate funds to Black citizens and open up programs such as the WPA and GI Bill to Blacks (with the essential support and aid of his wife Eleanor Roosevelt, “a true friend to the Negro”); he only give Blacks an average of 25 cents for every dollar he spent on Whites!

So, we basically faced the same shit under the Great Depression that we face today; poverty, oppression, White Aggression, and theft of our resources by the State and White citizens.