A people who have secured their rights, liberties, and comforts as a result of a protracted and bloody struggle should never rest on those rights, liberties, and comforts as long as the Systems/Institutions/State that once denied them (or their ancestors) their rights, liberties, and comforts still stands.

If they do, not only will their rights, liberties, and comforts be under constant threat and erosion, their complacency within an overall unjust system make their rights, liberties, and comforts forfeit.

The only way truly honor the nameless and faceless individuals that have sacrificed and allowed you to be “educated,” well employed, free of constant brutality and outright enslavement, is to assure that you build on their progress for the next generations, and you much continue to opposed the system that oppressed your people in the first place.

You must continue to oppose the Systems of Oppression even in the time when they grant you opportunity and concessions, in fact, when your enemy gives you space, time, and opportunity you should intensify your resistance, not relax and pretend that the struggle is over.

The reason that we are losing ground is because we’ve used the foundation that our Revolutionary predecessors set for us to join the System of Oppression instead of developing ways to more effectively oppose it.

If we continue this behavior we will not only have the worst conditions of the Segregation and Jim Crow Eras return in full force, we will see more of our people subjected to all out Chattel Slavery in the US prison system. We will lose all the ground that was gained for us, and slip even further into the genocidal abyss. (That’s all happening now!)

The Black Revolution is not only still needed in this era, it is more necessary, justified, and winnable than ever, we just have to pick up the baton and run with it, we have to stop pretending that we’ve made it, and actually make it, collectively.

Join the Black Revolution, study and understand Pan-Africnism, join the local progressive/radical/nationalist organization (even if they ain’t perfect, make your positive contribution), or start a whole new organization (if the one in your areas is too dysfunctional or corrupt), and lets move this struggle forward towards its ultimate victory.